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Platform Features

The Winci platform offers a paperless workforce management system to support rail projects of all sizes.

Our services enable the digitalisation, streamlining and centralisation of key data which allows projects to make truly data driven decisions.

Data driven decision making

Our unique platform centralises important data which gives your organisation the ability to make truly data driven decisions with regard to HSE related matters. This approach can help your project identify areas for analysis and lays the foundations for continuous improvement. Collecting workforce feedback, verification test results and other key metrics allows our users to remain compliant whilst affording the foresight to address any ‘gaps’ in knowledge across the entire workforce.

Engage your workforce

Send structured modules of information such as inductions, briefings, bulletins, toolbox talks and surveys to your workforce digitally to reduce downtime and remain compliant.

Our user friendly system has been designed for people of all abilities and allows workers to become inducted and receive key information prior to arrival at site.

Address Knowledge Gaps

Our user friendly system allows you to maximise workforce engagement and collect powerful data.

Verification testing, combined with the passive data that is collected on a shift-by-shift basis by our ISAC system, allows projects an opportunity to make key interventions.

If it is noticed that information is not being retained by the workforce, Winci allows you to create customised SMSs or app notification to distribute to specific groups or members of your workforce.

Key Interventions

Utilising verification testing & passive data collection to improve performance

Data Analysis

Leveraging ISAC System to collect powerful insights for optimal decision making

Enhanced Knowledge

Maximising workforce engagement through user-friendly system

Distribute Information

Customised communication for targeted workforce groups via Pulse

Communicate with your workforce

Send customised SMS or mobile app notifications to your entire workforce, groups or to specific individuals within your project workforce.


Create and distribute customised SMSs directly to your workforce.


Create and distribute customised emails directly to your workforce.

App Notifications

Create and distribute customised mobile app notifications directly to your workforce.


Create groups to enable rapid communications with your team.


Monitor and better understand the competencies held across your workforce.

Message Automation

Schedule one off or recurring reminders or alerts to your workforce.

The future of site access control

  • We believe that our Integrated Site Access Control (ISAC) feature is the most user friendly, efficient and cost effective system on the market currently.
  • Developed from years of hands-on experience, the system can be deployed effortlessly onto small ‘pop up’ projects or large programmes of work and centralise data from multiple geographic locations.
  • The system also supports the management of fatigue and monitors CO2 expenditure associated with travel to and from site


  • 01 Option to use self-serve screens to reduce staffing costs
  • 02 Realtime fatigue management of actual working hours
  • 03 Manage and monitor workforce global hours
  • 04 Generate reports and access to a live dashboard
  • 05 AI utilisation to aid support ED&I compliance
  • 06 Rapid deployment – no training required
  • 07 Workforce are inducted before arrival and issued e-Induction cards
  • 08 Streamlined SAC process minimises downtime

Our Accreditations

  • RISQS verified
  • Construction line silver membership
  • SSIP certified
  • Social value certified
  • Cyber Essentials

The numbers speak for themselves

Registered users
Average user engagement on projects
£ 1.6bn
Supported largest programme of works outside of HS2

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